Smoking Can Reduce Sperm Quality, Myth Or Fact?

You must have heard that smoking can damage all processes and functions in the body, including sperm formation. Then how exactly the effect of smoking on sperm quality and health of male reproductive organs in general?

A cigarette contains more than 7000 chemicals. In addition to being harmful to the lungs and various other organs, the chemicals contained in cigarettes also adversely affect fertility.

Sperm Smoker Quality

Smoking can reduce the quality of sperm, from concentration, movement, shape, to sperm-forming material (DNA). This is associated with exposure to various chemicals in cigarettes, such as lead, cadmium, and nicotine, in the male reproductive system.

The study found that the sperm concentration of male smokers fell by 23%, sperm moved 13% slower, and abnormal sperm forms were higher in number. This decrease in quality makes it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg.

Sperm DNA damage from smoking is also considered to increase the risk of miscarriage, fetal developmental disorders, and even birth defects.

Decreased sperm quality is seen in moderate and heavy smokers who spend more than 10 cigarettes per day.

Does Smoking Cause Infertility?

Sperm quality and fertility are two different, but interrelated. Poor quality of sperm does not indicate that you are infertile, but if the sperm is only a small amount, damaged, even unable to move swiftly, it will be more difficult to fertilize an egg.

The relationship between smoking and infertility is not very clear, but smoking can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction up to two times.

Smoking Can Affect Couples Fertility

Besides causing effects on active smokers, couples of smokers can also experience negative effects from exposure to cigarette smoke.

According to research, the success rate of IVF will decrease in women exposed to secondhand smoke. Women who have non-smoking partners have a success rate of 38% while undergoing IVF, while women with smokers’ husbands only have success of 22%.

Keep in mind, the ill effects of smoking are not only caused by conventional cigarettes, but also by electronic cigarettes or vape.

Given the many negative effects of smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke for sperm and the reproductive system, let’s stop smoking from now on. If you find it difficult, consult your doctor to find out the right way to stop smoking.